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2013 has been an eventful year but we have not recorded the usual number of events for which we apologise.

The year has seen a number of extra ‘low key’ but important parts of the life of resident such as going shopping. It may seem very dull to recognise that a shopping expedition is important when we do it every day but it is special when you feel confined. The logistics often are daunting for there has to be either a trained carer or qualified nurse with all the wheelchairs and perhaps oxygen and medication to be sorted out.

The widow of one of our residents wrote this year that

‘Thank you all so much for making his time with you so full of love, care and most of all laughter.

I don’t know what we would have done without you.

I know he would have rather have been at home, but believe me, he wouldn’t have had anywhere near as much fun as he did with you!’

It is often the small things that make a difference.