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Jane Hutt unveils a painting ‘Light on the shore’ of southern Pembrokeshire by M Donald that is a memento of 25 years of College Fields and is hung in the lounge for the pleasure of residents, their families, friends and staff as they use the room.

25 years of care coincides with 100 years since the building accepted its first students in its day as the Teachers Training College.

Jane Hutt A.M. graciously celebrated the dual event by unveiling a restful painting of one of the bays in Pembrokeshire. The painting is hung in the lounge where residents and staff can enjoy it.

Jane paid tribute to the care given by staff and reminded those present that she has known the home for many years and visited many times both to visit friends and as the local Assembly Member visiting constituents.

Jane also explained that present at the event were Professor Deidre Beddoe a former lecturer at the College and Joyce Telling one of the former students.

Jane Hutt talking to Professor Beddoe , on the right seated and Daphne Jones sister of Joyce Telling, who is just out of shot.