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 at -  Barry, Vale of Glamorgan

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The smile spoke louder than any prose. “Bonfire night had been a delight”. The noise, the memories of childhood and bringing up her children had been brought back this November evening. Wrapped in a blanket like royalty, she had insisted she should be outside whilst the fireworks were on. The fact that she was blind didn’t matter a jot it had been pure joy.

The evening had special sensory feelings, not only because of the noise of the fireworks and the distinctive aroma of the fireworks that had drifted calmly to where everyone was sitting but added to by the smell and special flavour and texture of chip shop chips. What is it about ‘chip shop chips’ that arouses special feelings in circumstances such as these.

To look along the assembled residents on the ‘balcony’ at the entrance to College Fields, looking down onto the award winning gardens, was a treat and to see the residents and those who care for them, tucking into their chips in cones was a delightful sight.

Bangers and chips

November 5th, 2012