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Entertainment and stimulation all in one!

Residents were treated to an exceptional days fun when visitors in the shape of donkeys came to College Fields.

Not content with meeting residents in the sunny garden, the donkeys practiced their bedside manner by visiting some residents in their own rooms.

They even were encouraged to go upstairs but the donkeys had other plans despite being tempted with biscuits.

The result of the day was measured by the smiles from residents’ (and staff) faces. An overwhelming success.

It wasn’t just those who enjoyed the visit but relatives (complete with comforters) got up close and personal too.

Perhaps the day could be judged by two particular aspects. A daughter of one resident asked her mother who has severe memory loss what she had done that day. After saying nothing really she announced she had been with the donkeys. A major event for mum and family. Another who normally likes to keep herself to herself welcomed two donkeys into her room and insisted on feeding them close up

This is an example of how ‘off the wall’ events can benefit the well-being of people with both full and limited abilities.

June 2014