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Harvest thanksgiving at home

The church services at home are always welcomed by residents. But the harvest thanksgiving is a little bit special.

This year was no different. So many residents made a special effort to be there and meet the visiting minister, Peter, with a number of his congregation. He and his ‘little angels’ were thanked not just for their support at harvest but year round.

The services are special for many residents as often they were used to going to church in their past life and enjoy the service itself and the remembrances it brings back.

This year the harvest loaf pictured here was baked by the director Mike Kemp and the harvest mice were pink as they were left over from the successful breast cancer awareness event in the home a few days before.

Fireworks night goes off with a bang!

It really went off with fish and chips from the chippie!

There is something special about fireworks night. Getting wrapped up and going outside in the fresh air and watching the fireworks in your own garden. The senses are then aroused by the smell of the fireworks themselves, so sight, sound and smell are all stimuli to make the evening memorable.

This is especially true when you have a full tummy of chipshop fish and chips and the sense of taste is present too. Although there was a call for bangers and chips next year!

It was special to see so many residents wanting to do something different by staying up late and breaking their chosen normal routine. The garden seemed full of residents and their families who had come to join in the fun.