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Some ‘tipsy’ care staff entered into the spirit of the day

Red noses and bunny ears! Brightened up everyone’s day

It is amazing how a football or punch bag can liven up proceedings!

The fun and games brought a smile to many faces

Red nose day is a national event that provides the opportunity to let one’s hair down and have a bit of fun. Not so easy when you have limited ability? Not the case at all. If the fun and games are compassionately thought through and tailored to individual’s needs then there is all manner of fun to be had.

Those organising the event have to join in too to make the best of the day and this year 2015 was no exception. The support from everyone concerned was wonderful and resulted in a day to cherish no matter how limited one’s abilities, however, some residents found they could undertake activities they thought were beyond them and took great pleasure from being allowed to have the opportunity to do ‘silly’ things.