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A perfect wedding day.

John Landry had thought that he would hear all about his daughter’s wedding as he has been disabled for many years and the wedding was held in Brecon! But by magic he was suited and booted and magiced to Brecon to not only attend but to walk his daughter up the aisle.

The tears started in College #fields when John came out of his room to be met by his wife Irene who took one look at him in his new suit and brilliant shiny shoes looking a million dollars.

Her tears were mirrored by everyone else who witnessed the transformation and Irene was heard to say to him ‘I love you, I’ve got my John back’.

Settles into the homes minibus with Rachel and Mike who were also invited to the wedding the brilliant sunshine accompanied them all the way to Brecon where there were greeted by first groom Daniel and then daughter and bride Donna who proceeded to cry with delight seeing her dad and mum.

The ceremony was held in the Barn and the photographs convey a little of this memorable day.