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The summer fair at College Fields had a distinctly Caribbean feel with plenty of colour, grass skirts, blue sky and music. The breeze was decidedly cool though and blankets were in demand for those who couldn’t move around to keep warm.

There were some innovative new stall with the young bartenders mixing cocktails and giving table service with a kiss going down a treat. There were stocks and wet sponges flying around as well as the ever popular bbq. Inside was a shop with a vast selection of clothes and in the dining room a selection of homemade cakes, pasties etc.

The raffle, name the dog, seaside photo booth and much more was on offer to entertain everyone. This was only possible as a result of the efforts of the team from home who encouraged their families to come and join the fun.

The day was special as it was an occasion when present and ‘old’ families and friends come together to catch up with each other. The music was delightful with the duo singing popular songs to sing along with but at a volume that allowed everyone to continue their chats and not be drowned out.

The fair in mid June was earlier than normal and really well supported and a record sum raised for the residents special fund. Special thanks go to the members of staff who sold loads of raffle tickets before the event to friends in their local pubs etc. Special mention here to thank the regulars at the Park Hotel in Park Crescent. Well over £1,000 was raised thanks to everyone’s generosity in time and money.