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 at -  Barry, Vale of Glamorgan

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The excitement of the Royal Wedding caught the imagination of the residents at College Fields. Probably, the largest gathering of residents made their way  to the lounge to enjoy all the festivities. The bright sunshine added to the day but the curtains were drawn to allow those present to see the glorious colours of the pageantry on the new  massive HD television.

Not content with that the staff put on a special ‘street party’ complete with barbeque and live entertainment in the sun filled, award winning gardens.  The atmosphere was heightened by the presence of a number of members of staff who had chosen to come in  on their day off to join in the occasion and cook the burgers.

As can be seen in the photos there was champagne and patriotic hats and flags in abundance which gave the occasion a special buzz.

The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton enjoyed on large screen by residents and their families and friends.