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Rushmoor therapy farm.

In line with College Fields care of residents it is acknowledged that live animals and live music are probably the most important stimulus for most people.

We try to go the ‘extra mile’ in respect of the animals too. To this end we have a smallholding as a ‘therapy farm’. Our animals may go to people’s homes or welcome them to their home here.

The setting as can be seen on the top right is a bit special and the animals are very special. They have been chosen as they are extremely friendly and not phased by either wheelchairs or children.

Our pygmy goats visit agricultural shows and have been well placed in the ‘pet classes’. They enjoy a bit of fuss and a cwtch.

The donkeys will come and be stroked and fussed. They often bring back memories of donkeys on the beaches from childhood days.

In addition we have chickens, two extremely friendly cocker spaniels. As well we often have visiting ducks and often Canada Geese but these have to be seen but are not cuddleable.

We not only welcome our residents but also residents from other care homes. Children are welcome too whether they are from schools or other places.

For more information it is best to contact Rachel on 07816213088