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Our fleet of residents’ transport.

Our concern is to make our residents’ life as stress free and interesting as possible. To this end we have always had a minibus, especially adapted to accommodate wheel chairs. This enables us to take residents to hospital outpatient appointments. The residents are accompanied by members of staff who then take them to outpatients  and learn about any change of treatment or change of drugs immediately. Their care can then be amended without delay after liasing with their GP when appropriate. If we were not to do this then we may have to wait several weeks for the changes to be sent to the GP and the GP advising us.

As far as the resident is concerned an outpatient appointment will take no longer than it would for anyone else with access to a car. The alternative would be for the ambulance service to have to be called out to take the resident, with the resultant hanging around if it were late or delays whilst other patients are collected. The worst part is then waiting for a return ambulance. This may take several hours. A simple outpatients appointment could well take ten hours rather than only an hour. Frail people enjoy the benefit of a speedy service with people they know and who are aware of their individual needs.

Not content with the minibus College Fields has invested in a single wheel chair vehicle, especially adapted with lowering suspension to make accessing and egressing the vehicle very easy.

The choice of vehicle will also make informal outings much easier. An example of how the new smaller vehicle will help will be when one of the members of staff who regularly comes in in her own time to take one of the ‘fitter’ residents to the Knap beach and calls in for a bag of chips on the way back will be able to do so in the small vehicle. Theses events are so important for the residents.